Greatest Loser Program

Introducing our Fitness Programmes!

For more information on our fitness programs please visit our main leisure club website!


At Glenview Health and Fitness, we understand starting exercise for the 1st time or after a absense is hard. Many people fail when they join a gym because they simply fall out of the habit. We aim to get you attending the club at least 3 times a week and this combined with our custom workouts, will help you achieve any result you want!

For beginners we have 2 main programs,

"Body Transform" - our 6 week program designed to get you started in the gym and to get initial results. The program aims to make exercise enjoyable and focuses on gradual results. The program is very effective for weight loss and general fitness if you have not been a member of a gym before or are a beginner to exercise. 

Program includes Training sessions, Nutrition and motivation!

"Greatest Loser" - is our intensive weight loss program aiming to lose the greatest amount of weight in a short period. The program involves weekly weigh sessions, nutritional diets and an exercise program with lots of motivation!

For more information visit our leisure club website here!

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