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At the Glenview Health and Leisure club, we are more than just a gym with equipment. We also offer full fitness services including gym assessments and an initial joining program. This ensures you start your membership in the best possible way and are 70% more likely to achieve longer term fitness and weight loss. Read on for information about our services.

Click here for Body Transform Program

Our exclusive 6 week program aimed at joiners of the gym. We have helped 100’s of members to successfully lose weight, get fitter or even just exercise for fun.  One of the most important factors leading to the success of the program is the personalized workout. Every person has a unique body type that re-acts differently to various exercises, some exercises are more effective for burning calories than others but dependant on a certain body type. We train our instructors to use effective exercises for your body type and at effort levels well within your comfort zone to start. Also we have recently introduced MYZONE which allows your instructor to see what exercises are effective.

Body Transform Aims:

• Introduce new members to the equipment available.

• Full fitness assessment with dietary assessment

• Design a workout that effectively targets your chosen workout goals.

• Demonstrate how to exercise, how often and how long for.

• Show you motivational skills.

• Provide 4 meetings with instructors over the 6 weeks including progression and fitness class weeks.

• Hit your first workout goal within 6 weeks of starting.

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