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Myzone tracks your workouts and specifically the effort you are making. This allows members to see in real time what their progression is towards their ultimate goal and really is essential for weight loss or building fitness if you are beginning.


Weight loss:
To get the best effects your trainer will design a program with different effort levels for you to achieve, and show you how to workout. During your workout, your current effort level is displayed to you in the gym. This gives a indication on whether you are in your “Zones” or not.

After your workout, you receive the breakdown of your effort levels in terms of calories burnt and average effort zone and also for a more detailed read out you can log into the system and see a time graph of your workout.

This means we can now set calorie burn targets on a weekly basis and give you the opportunity to hit them. If you keep pace with the calorie targets, you are guaranteed to lose weight, its that simple!

Also another important factor with weight loss are diminishing returns. As your body becomes used to your workout or diet, you see less and less gains in weight loss as the workouts roll by. With Myzone you can see the optimal time to change your program keeping weight loss progression.


For fitness building you need to push beyond your comfortable level of effort. The most effective way to build fitness initially is interval training (training at a lower effort to higher effort pattern).


The results of interval training are drastically better than constant level exercise but require a monitoring system to ensure you are in the correct zones. Myzone will display this information to you on a per minute basis allowing you to adjust workouts according to your performance (we recommend you talk to our trainers to make adjustments). It also maintains a long record of your workouts allowing your trainers to see progress over time.


 tool where you can take photos of your meals to maintain a record. If you give the trainers the relative permission, they can also see food shots!



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