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Swimming Pool

Swimming & Leisure

We have a leisure pool which is predominately for leisure swimming and so we keep our pool a little hotter than most pools.

Swimming is a great activity that you can perform almost every day and is a good way to exercise gently or vigorously.

Gentle exercise is good for everyday exercise where weight loss is not a factor. Starting off with 1 or 2 gentle laps, it is relatively easier to add laps at this pace, thus building up your endurance but also stretching the muscles and relaxing the body.

Family’s at the Glenview

Family fitness is increasing becoming an issue for many people these days. Long periods studying or playing computer games are basically as bad for long term fitness as being a light smoker. For kids, It is recommended they should be doing physical activity at least once a day and swimming counts! It is also a good way for “Family Time” with busy parents.

To help keep kids motivated to enjoy swimming we have “Fun hours” on a Friday and Sunday where we play with pool toys including a fun bridge.

Leisure Club Opening Hours for Children are Monday to Friday 9am - 12.30pm and 2pm - 7pm, Saturday and Sunday 9am - 7pm.

Leisure (adults only)

Relax and unwind in our leisure facilities. Leisure time is just as important as exercise as it relaxes muscles and clears minds.

Jacuzzi’s are a hot pool with air bubbles and jets to gently massage your body. The pressure from the jets releases stress from muscles and if you haven’t tried a Jacuzzi before, words really can’t describe the benefit of 10 minutes in a Jacuzzi.

The Sauna/ Steam-room are two variations on heat therapy. The sauna is a dry heat which is good for opening pores and releasing toxins trapped in the body. It also helps to improve the look of skin when used for short periods. The steam-room is a “Wet” heat meaning steam is used to heat the body. This opens pores and cleanses the skin whilst also opening air ways.

Our outdoor Canadian Hot tub is a nice variation on the Jacuzzi and it’s nice to unwind in a hot tub while the air temperature is low!

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