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Swim school


Our kids learn swimming the fun way and can proudly say they learned how to swim with the Glenview! For members and non-members alike, we provide an advanced structure that will excite your child and allow them to progress quickly and safely. We understand learning should be fun and all our teachers are trained in Fantastic Teaching Skills.

We cater for ages 3 to 12 in our swim school, for other ages please ask!

New Swim School Structure in Place for Kids (3-12).

Click Here! For the pool time table.

More strokes • More Fun • Happier kids • Better swimmers! Our new structure has been designed to excite kids about swimming lessons and teach them as much as possible. We teach not only strokes and techniques but we also educate on the safety aspects of swimming or being at the beach.

See our new Grades below.

New course starts Jan 2015! €89 members rate, €99 non-members rate per child for the 10 week course.

Level 1 Little Swimmers

The 1st level for children ages 3-6. Learn the most basic skills required to swim such as blowing bubbles (breathing), floating, having fun in the pool all in the safety and comfort of the baby pool. Ideal for nervous children!

Level 2 Ducklings

The next level to Little Swimmers or the start level for more confident 3-6 year olds. Ducklings learn to swim in the main pool with armbands and learn swimming strokes on front and back and other skills such as jumping in and looking into the water. Towards the end of the course, armbands are substituted for float aids.

Level 3 Goldfish

Goldfish start not only to remove armbands all together, they learn underwater swimming and how to get back up again! Also new strokes are introduced such as the breaststroke. At the end of the course, kids should be able to swim without armbands across the pool and back!

Level 4 Sealions

Sealions have learned all the basics and now it’s time to start to improve strokes so they can swim further with more ease! This is a vital class in the overall development of the swimmer and by the end of the course, kids really begin to look like competent swimmers and are able to swim the equivalent of 2 lengths of the pool!

Level 5 – Trainee Pirates

Trainee Pirates like to be able to swim long distances, just in case they fall off their ships. They learn new strokes but also how to look after themselves if they get tired in the water. Diving and kickturns are also taught in this course!

Level 6 – Pirates

Pirates have all their techniques and want to work on speed and also how to help other pirates (lifesaving). Pirates are very competitive with other pirates and will always try to finish before other pirates. On completion of this course, kids will have stamina and speed in swimming and are set for life!

Pirates Swim Club – coming soon!

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